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Selly Oak Park Play area

The Friends of Selly Oak Park

We want to install modern, activity-based games and instalments like a rock climbing wall and slide, stepping stones, a yukon log roll to help balance and a titan swing.

The community is bidding to raise more than £4,000 to transform a rundown play area into a well-equipped, modern playground.

The group has applied for a grant but needs to raise 10% of the cost of the £40,000 revamp of the play area in Selly Oak Park.

Can you help us?

The Big Jumble collection

Come along on the 20th of April to the Sainsbury's Matlock store:

Cawdor Way

For more information call:
01629 583521

What are we collecting?

  1. Clothes
  2. Toys
  3. Brick-a-brac

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40 percent


We need your vote

Big Community Project raises money though the local community then the community decides where the money is spent via a voting system we need your vote.

Please vote now Vote to revamp our Park

Donate something else

We are accepting donations of building materials, gardening equipment and time. Please put details of what you have to offer below and an email will be sent to us to which we will respond as soon as possible:


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Examples of how your donation can help

  • £20 donation would pay for the replacement of a broken window.
  • £30 Annual cost of fuel for the ride on mowewr
  • £100 Would pay for the installation of a ramp for disabled access allowing us to open up the HQ to everyone in the community

Recent donations

£50 donated by Mrs Samson
£10 donated by Jack Clarke
400 Nectar points donated by Claire Robinson
£20 donated by Annon.
1000 Nectar points donated by Simon Rudd

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